COVID19 NOTICE: Due to the outbreak of COVID19 we responded by re-booking our upcoming event 'The Ghosts of the Queen's Inn' to November 6 & 7 2020. Should Ontario be reopened by then tickets will be honored for that date.


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* We are very sorry but for this Weekend in November we are Sold Out, there will be NO Tickets sold at the door.  

 * We will be holding an other Workshop weekend in 2021

When you call the Queen's Inn Stratford ask to speak with 'Sally' to book your room and let her know its for the Spiritual Workshop as there are rooms set aside. Reach the Queen's Inn at 1-800-461-6450.

Come and join us Live here on Facebook as The Queen of Ooga Booga Sally Diane with the Founders of HauntingLIVE! Podcast Trevor Bishop and Spiritual Medium Chris will be giving talking at the first "GHOST of the Queen's INN" with our Special Guest Karen Blackstock.

You will be able to take part from you're own home.

The other speakers will be:

- Sally Diane will be talking about the history and haunting of the Queen's Inn Hotel and the Spirits with that she has faced from working at the Queens.

- Trevor will be giving a talk about the tools that most Paranormal Teams use with that you have seen on TV Shows.

- Chris will talk about some of the Hauntings of Stratford Ontario and about his Spiritual gift as a Spiritual Medium.

All the proceeds will be going to a Special location in Stratford Ontario. 

CLICK HERE to Take Part

Join Chris for

"Spiritual Messages

From the Other Side"

every 2nd week. 

Get you're messages from your Angels and sign up through our Facebook page

when posted. 

There is a $5.00 fee to take part and all

proceeds go to helping HauntingLIVE! Podcast with live on locations.

Want to help us out by donating to HauntingLIVE! Podcast, we'd appreciate it.

Funds donated will fully go towards new episodes of HauntingLIVE! Podcast expenses ect..

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