Get in touch with the Spiritual of the Queen's Inn Stratford with Clairvoyant Psychic Sally Diane with OGPS Filming / Haunting LIVE Crew. 
Friday Night have Dinner with our Special Guest:
Saturday: Spiritual Workshop & Ghost Hunt of the Queens

Book your Stay with the Queen's Inn For this wonderful weekend.
The Queen's Inn for a very special price for this event. Rooms can be share when you book your stay you will get a Complimentary Breakfast.

November 6th & 7th,  2020
$50.00 - Friday Night Dinner:
Doors open at 5:00 PM, Food is served at 5:30 PM Starting with dinner at the historic Queen’s Inn, enjoy a sumptuous buffet of tender sliced beef and chicken cordon blue including salad, bread, vegetables and more. After dinner, enjoy dessert and presentations from Sally Diane, Chris Laroque and Trevor Bishop. Sally Diane will speak about the history of the Queen’s Inn as well as the ghosts who haunt her. Chris Larocque will share his experiences as a paranormal investigator. Trevor Bishop will demonstrate the “tools of the trade” for modern ghost hunters.  Followed by a meet and greet with our guest speakers.

​​$50.00 per person - Saturday - 10:00 am - 4:00 pm, Spiritual Workshop;
Clairvoyant Psychic Sally Diane, Wanda Hewer Jackson  and Chris Larocque, they will teach you ways to get in tuned with the Spiritual World with Spiritual Cards from the deference between Oracle and ​Tarot cards. Spiritual Pendulum work and other ways to get in touch with the Spiritual World with spiritual protection much more from​.

​​$50.00 per person - Saturday Ghost Hunt: 8:00 pm - Late: 
We will prepare you before we explore the halls and rooms of this Historical Hotel of the Queens Inn. 
We’ll explore the Hallways and some rooms using your own psychic antennae and you will have the opportunity to use some of the digital equipment, to close the night will hold a Séance.

Book your stay at the Queen’s INN for a Deal ​
161 Ontario St, Stratford, ON N5A 3H3
​Phone: 1-800-461-6450 / 519-271-1400

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All of our filming that we do on any location we do under the License under 9166483 Canada Inc. This is for OGPS Filming of Chris Larocque & Trevor Bishop and anytime that there is filming to be done OGPS Filming will show up on any location with the license Agreement and has been issued on June 11, 2015.  Filming will be done at any events that we hold.
(When booking your stay @ the Queen's let them know it's for the event in March)
​NO REFUNDS for this event.  
With PayPal there is a fee of $3.00 when you get your Tickets or get your
Tickets at the Queen's Inn Front Desk and at the Doors! 
*You can also Pick up your Tickets in person at The Queens Inn at the Front Desk​*
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Book your stay at the Queen’s INN for a
​great deal and get a complimentary breakfast. @ 
When booking at the Queens, let them know it's for the Workshop.
Saturday - 10:00 am - 4:00 pm, Spiritual Workshop; November 7th
Saturday - 8:00 pm - Late, Ghost Hunt November 7th
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Friday Night Dinner: 5:00 pm with our Special Guest
Note that Rogers TV might be on Hand for one of their shows.