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Haunting LIVE / ​OGPS Filming
​-  In 2010 our team was formed and we investigated 12 locations within our first year.
​​- Investigated 6 locations and were on 3 TV Shows to promote our team.

​- ​​Private Investigation x 25​

​- Provincial Park - Fort St.
  ​Joseph National Historic Site, War of 1812.

​- Private Farm with a Home.


- Private Investigation ​in Ontario
​​- Private Investigation in Kitchener
- Manheim ​, Ontario - Church
- Stratford Ontario - Private Home​
- St. Joseph Island, Ontario - Fort
- St. Joseph Island, Ontario - Old Farm House​​​​ ​
- Haunted Hotel, Fort Erie, Ontario
- Private Home Investigation with Wanda Hewer ​
- Cobourg, Ontario event with ​Feather Academy UK
   and with Jackie from TV Show Rescue Mediums​

- Private Home, Cambridge Ontario​​​​
- Sizzle Nightclub Halloween ​Event
- Skype Interview for a book.​
- Spoke News, Conestoga Collage ​

- College Radio interview​
- Waterloo Zombie Fest
- Rogers TV 'daytime' to promote Cobourg Jail event.
- Seminar, Demonstration, Investigation with WCIPS 
   ​Woodstock High School.
- Summer Lights Festival - Kitchener, Ontario​​
- World Pride Internet Show​

- Two night stay at Cobourg Jail with ​​​​​​​​​Jackie and Steve from a well known TV show, lead group tours for Jackie with evening  
   dinner and investigations.

​- Fanshawe Pioneer Village​​​
Events & Investigations To Date
Year of 2014:
Year of 2013:
Year of 2012:
Year of 2011:
Year of 2010:
Year of 2015:

Some top named please in Ontario for 2015

- Filmed in Woodstock: Theater Woodstock
- Filming and Investigation near Cobourg Ontario ​
- Filming ​in Cobourg Ontario

​- Filmed In Niagara Falls Canada 
​- Filmed and Investigated ​at Cafa 13 in Cambridge, ON​
- Filmed and Investigated ​on St. Joseph Island 

Low named please​​

- Filmed in Cambridge Ontario with a live Seance​
- Filmed of Private Home in Brantford Ontario
- Filmed a Seance​

We have investigated  locations across Ontario with filming & investigations for our series Haunting
from Government Parks , private homes, private buildings and landmarks.
We will never post evidence here, please watch our series Haunting for full investigations.​

​​- ​Orillia Opera House - Filming ​
- Cobourg Ontario - Jailhouse Tavern & Inn.​​
- Niagara Falls Ontario - Historical places, August 26 - 28 2016​
- Milton Ontario ​- Country Heritage Park​ - Part 1
- Milton Ontario - Country Heritage Park​ - Part 2
- ​Cobourg Ontario: King George Inn with Feathers Academy​
- The Old Coronet Hotel: Kitchener Ontario​
- Coronet Hotel, Kitchener Ontario​
- The Hermitage – Ancaster, Ontario​
- Devils Punch Bowl - Stoney Creek, Ontario​​
- Private Residence, Galt, Ontario​​


​- Filming Private Home, Waterloo Ontario
- Cambridge Ontario​
​- Rogers Waterloo Region - Giovanni & Me​

Year of 2016:

- ​We did teach WCI Paranormal Society
- Kitchener, Private Home
- TV Show Travel & Escape Paranormal Survivor Feb 21.
- Seance
- Interview and promo from BC​
- Went to Drummond Hill Cemetery in Niagara Falls, Ontario​​
- Pride At Night​
- Kingston Ontario​
- Z TALK Radio - House Of Mystery Radio Show​
- ROGERS TV - Giovanni & Me ​​​
-​ KING GORGE INN - Cobourg Ontario (Vlog)
- Daily Xtra​

- Niagara Falls @ Haunted Mannor
- Museum on the Boyne, Aliston, Ontario​
- Brantford, Ontario - Private Home
- Stratford, Ontario - Restaurant​
- Kitchener, Ontario - Old Hotel​

Some top named please in Ontario for 2014​​

​- Seance , Cambridge ON
​- Southworks Antiques, Cambridge ON
- Private Investigation, Kitchener ON
- Private Home, Cambridge ON​


​- Event - Movie Afternoon
​- Gay Pride x2
​- Seminar - talk, demonstration, Q&A
​- Bus tour to Dummond Hill of the War of 1812
​- Psychic Fair as a vendor
- Live Ustream Event
- Waterloo Zombie Fest​ 2012 as vendor
- Live Streamed Seance in Stratford Event
- Meet & Greet August 27th, Niagara Falls
- ​Cobourg Ontario: The Jailhouse Tavern & Inn with
​Feathers Academy UK - Workshop​
​​- A Paranormal Night At The Museum 
 ​  Bowmanville, Ontario at the Bowmanville Musem​​
- October 29th 2016, Halloween Lockdown
   ​Cobourg Jailhouse Tavern & Inn​
Year of 2017:

- Private Home Brampton Ontario
- Perth County - Old Farm House​
- Stratford Queen's Inn - HauntingLIVE!
- Fort Erie/Niagara Falls - HauntingLIVE!​
- Prince Arthur Hotel - Thunder Bay, Ontario - HauntingLIVE! ​

- Haunting Live Feed in Kitchener Ontario​
- Private Investigation: 'Haunting in Lowbanks'​

- Spring Lockdown - Country Heritage Park, Milton, Ontario
​- HauntingLIVE! - Thunder Bay, Ontario​
- Thunder Bay CBC Radio 88.3​
- City of Kitchener at The Museum - BEER & GHOST Event    & filming with the Giovanni & Me show for RogersTV.
- ​HauntingLIVE! event, Halloween Lockdown,
  ​​Country Heritage Park (the Lucas House), Milton, Ontario​.
- Cambridge Ontario - Public Speaking about the Frank Box                                     
Year of 2018:
- The old Coronet Hotel 
- HauntingLIVE from Orillia Opera House​
- Spiritual Workshop - THE OLD WAYS with FEATHER ACADEMY​ in Milton Ontario
- ​​Beachville District Museum, Beachville, ON
- Haunting LIVE Facebook - Fort Erie & Chippawa Battlefield​
- Fall Lockdown Workshop, November 3rd, 2018 LIVE FEED EVENT & Ghost Hunt.​
- LIVE Q&A at Wanda's
- LIVE Q&A ​​
Year of 2019:
- LIVE CHAT Q&A with Wanda
- Filming in Niagara Falls Area ​​ - Niagara Military Museum
- LIVE EVENT January 12​
- LIVE Podcast.​​​
- LIVE Podcast.
- LIVE EVENT March 9th @ 8:00 pm est. ​
- Haunting LIVE Queens Inn April 27.
- Ways to help your Spiritual side - May 4th 2019: Ghost Hunt....
- SPRING LOCKDOWN Late Lunch​ May 4th
- SPRING LOCKDOWN LIVE May 4th, 7:45 pm est.
- June 28th - LIVE from Milton Ontario with our Canadian Guest Celebrity Corey Dixon.
- Haunting LIVE Podcast - Devils Creek in Cambridge Ontario
- HauntingLIVE Podcast - Baker Street Parking Lot & Woodlawn Cemetery, Guelph Ontario​
- HauntingLIVE Podcast at Avondale Cemetery
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All of our filming that we do on any location we do under the License under 9166483 Canada Inc. This is for OGPS Filming of Chris (Mark) Larocque & Trevor Bishop and anytime that there is filming to be done OGPS Filming will show up on any location with the license Agreement and has been issued on June 11, 2015.  Filming will be done at any events that we hold.
- September 7th - LIVE from Northern Ontario. Live @ 8:00 pm est. (Click Here to find out more)
- November - Fall Lockdown 2019  Click here for your Tickets