• Our goal is to first sit down to discuss with you and talk about the activity claims. 
  • ​​We always investigate a place with a signed contract, we are a 'Legally Bonded Paranormal Team'.
  • We always do a historical case study of the area before any investigation.
  • ​We then will bring in our equipment and document your establishment.
  • ​After studying our results we will bring forward the results of the investigation.
  • ​We'll never try to disprove the case but rather try to explain in the best scientific way possible.
  • We prefer to come in to companies after hours (if possible), ​that way there is less chance of contamination of evidence.
  • ​We respect rules set by the owners, such as museums that do not allow flash photography.
  • ​The Ouija Board is never used, it's for your safety and ours.
  • Please note that any info will be used for filming.
  • ​Please let us know if you have had any other teams in the past. 
  • ​If you are religious, we must know about it, we work with your rules.
  • ​At times it could take more than just one visit.
  • ​If you need your place cleansed we can do this for you.​​
  • With far distance cases that require overnight accommodations, we may ask that you cover 1 night for us.
  • We are happy to help you out. Investigating companies, historic buildings and homes!
  • We are a registered paranormal team in the province of Ontario, Canada.
  • We know you may be scared for yourself and your family, we understand your fear.
  • As a part of the Ghost Adventures Crew Family (April 2012) we are experienced in paranormal encounters.
  • If a cleansing needs to be done, we are able to do that..
  • We never do an investigation without a Legal Contract which we provide.
Are you being faced with paranormal activity?
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within 24 hrs or sooner depending on severity of your case.​

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