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Haunting LIVE / ​OGPS Filming
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Over the years we have been in the media from being on Travel & Escape with Paranormal Survivor (S1-E6)
​and International ​Radio shows also having our own local television show and more.

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Extra Crew
Trevor Bishop  - Producer & ​Editor,  Paranormal Consultant,​ Certified Paranormal Investigator, ​EVP Technician.
Chris Larocque - ​Producer & ​Editor, Medium, Paranormal Consultant and Certified Paranormal Investigator
​Wanda Hewer Jackson - Psychic-Medium, Paranormal Consultant, Certified Paranormal Investigator, ​EVP Technician
Gillian U-Kudlik  - Back-up and behind the scenes other areas. ​​
DISCLAIMER: OGPS FILMING takes our work very seriously if there is any kind of slander to our group or with anything that we work with we will have to take it to the next level of law. Libel and Slander Act which prohibits the dissemination of defamatory comments, specifically, spoken or written words that discredit an individual in the estimation of right-thinking members of society generally. The law of defamation across Canada and particularly under the Libel and Slander Act in Ontario is of particular importance to many, if not most charitable and not-for-profit organizations for a number of reasons. Most charitable and not-for-profit organizations, even the smallest entities.

All of our filming that we do on any location we do under the License under 9166483 Canada Inc. with This is for OGPS Filming of Chris (Mark) Larocque & Trevor Bishop and anytime that there is filming to be done OGPS Filming will show up on any location with the license Agreement and has been issued on June 11, 2015​​
Producer, Co Founder, EVP Specialist & Co Head Leader

Trevor noticed at the age of 25 that he could sense when spirits are around him. Child spirits are especially drawn to him, Trevor has a Younger and more comer energy.

Trevor's abilities include hearing spirits, called "clairaudience". The first time that Trevor noticed that this was when he was at a Historical Site when no one was around him he heard a spirit said "Hello, How do you do?" from then Trevor can pick up the energy and words when the Spirit wish to talk to him.

He has a background in computers and technology so he is also the manager of the paranormal equipment for the team. He is also the team's EVP analyzer as he has an ear for that with a background in Radio Broadcasting.

Trevor's areas of expertise:

- Has experience in the technology field,
​- In charge of funding for the group,
​- Has sensitive abilities towards spirits (Clairaudience)
- EVP analyzer for our team,
​- Camera opportunity at time,
​- Host and Producer​ of Haunting,
​- Video Editor,
​- Paranormal Consultant,
​Producer, Founder, Editor & Head Leader & Medium

Chris's first encounter at the age of 6. He was living in the South end of Kitchener he woke up and saw two Spirits standing at his bedroom door and he know he was awake, what he saw did not scare him.

​Age 19 he found out that his great great Grand mother who was a Spiritual Doctor in the Native community is his Spirit Guide. Chis is a Medium also a Trans-Channelling.

​​He still works with his gifts and also is trained with the Mental Health field. This does help out on cases to know if the people has Mental Health or has real trouble with the Paranormal World.

​​As a Medium he can pick up energy with the spirits that are around. Chris does reading and picks up people oars. He does bookings for readings, and even during an investigation and filming. Chris also does Readings, Tartot Cards, Playing Cards, Energy Reading. ​​

Chris's areas of expertise:

​​- Medium - Spiritual Reader
- ​Paranormal Consultant​,
​- Trans-Channelling​,
​- Historical Archive and Researcher​,
​- Mental Health Worker, ​
​- Public Relations Person,
​​- Camera opportunity at time,
​- Host and Producer​ of Haunting,
​- Video Editor,
​- Event Runner​,
​​Part Time Event & Support Worker

Gillian has been helping us out from the start she does help in the area's of events be-hind the scenes with other areas. Gillian is also a Spiritual Medium, her energy is very good with Children Spirits.​

​​She's had experience as a child with the paranormal world until her mid teens. Although out of touch, she can still detect when a spirit is around and gets a strong sense of what it's trying to say.